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Welcome to your new home "DayWalkers"
Thank you for signing up with DayWalkers. Our guild come packed with hundreds of funny wierd and the odd, perfect for any team or group or individual looking for a Wartune guild.

At what game can you find us?
Thats easy, we play on server red vale [141] and server fallegde [138] on wartune finding us or anyone of us is easy. Just give a shout out in world chat and someone of our guild will surely contact you!

What are we about?
Well, we are about fun and helping eachother, once you hang with us for a while and join in the chats you'll surely feel like gaining another family

Names of guild Master, Assistans and Officers
Guild Master: Misty
Asst. Master: Michel
Asst. Master: Daz
Asst. Master: hawkwing
Officer: Dezrah
Officer: RageMage
Officer: Omniwar
Officer: Vaisha
Officer: Falchion

Join the converstation
We've created some forums for you, but you will likely want to chat in-game to.
(We always welcome chatters)

Become a member nowb]
Register at the site, Apply for the guild, Theres no reason not to become a member.

We're here to help you!

We're always on hand to give you help and answer your questions. Please visit the forums or contact any of the Asst. Masters, if you need help. We usually reply within a few hours for guild members.

Head over to our guild and start experimenting with all the people, we're sure you will love our guild, and the family that makes it great!
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